Hipster [NYC 7]

Hipster: A mutating, Transatlantic Melting Pot of Styles Taste and Behaviour Today we moved venues and found ourselves down in Lower East Side. I really like this area, though the area seems to be a blend of hipster, low economy and Chinatown. Very different to Central Manhatten, much slower pace of life, a melting pot of Styles Tastes and Behaviour, somewhere I like. The apartment … Continue reading Hipster [NYC 7]

Of Rollercoasters, Velvetines & Impatience [NYC 5]

   Today we went down to Coney Island with the thought that we’d explore Brooklyn. Before we got there I introduced Jojo to Max Brenners.          The man has a vision, he knows what he wants to do.  Each day I have been here, I have had a vision of what I’d like the day to look like. Today was one of those days … Continue reading Of Rollercoasters, Velvetines & Impatience [NYC 5]