Last week I met a man who’s eyes and heart were far younger than his age He told me he had been married sixty-two years, He told me it was the best decision he ever made He told me women were stronger than men and people should realise that more He told me all this because he is…


A chilled out spa day begets creativity… Joe Crestfallen Her words tumble out Like awkward rain showers on a summers day Unwanted, unprepared “Pregnant” Her words to him Burning through and Under his skin It takes two Yet she says just The One Humiliated It’s what she deserves This culture is brutal Her sins shall…


Today I sang Twice You loved singing I miss your song I miss you How your eyes danced when you smile I hear your laugh As if you were next to me now How you continually invited me And made time to meet How you permeated life with song And won the spotlight So easily…


She sings,
Not knowing the future
Not knowing what it holds
No details, just a promise
She sings

Powerful Vulnerability

In the film Suicide Squad, there is a moment where my heart smashed into the reality of what [i feel] we so often do. There is an instant of absolute terror where Harley Quinn witnesses that which should break her; and for a moment it does. It ends as the squad return to her, the painted face smiles again, the pain hidden, tho the eyes fail her. How often have we done this? Painted on our smile, while the brokenness destroys our insides.

CINDERELLA [spoken word]

One of my projects over the summer was just to write and see where it went. Sometimes the writing didn’t come so easy. This started as a poem airing my struggle, but I think it became something else. [context: I had thought about maybe attending a spoken word event and then was forcing myself to…


[Spoken Word] I wrote a few years ago but still hold true now. So I’m running this race. And these things keep weighing me down I need to fix my eyes on the prize Don’t let the lies with their tries, Scupper me I will not believe I will not let it drag me down…


A poem after the Paris attack

Ode to Loss

   Grief is weird, it sneaks up on you and covers everything with a veil. You can still see, just it’s filtered, fuzzy, not quite right because the veil is there and you can see through it, but not past it and after a while, maybe it’s that your eyes adjust and you see more…