It is meant to be Spring here in the UK. Yet although the sun shone beautifully all day, I have returned home rain, cold, and scouring for cheap flights out of here!! Seasons have always interested me. I love each of them for different reasons, though there are also parts of every season I dislike. Seasons don’t happen overnight, there is a transition from one … Continue reading DEFINING YOUR SEASON

ARROW • PEN • COFFEE • FRIEND [what I’m all about]

Spring is definitely here; the air is full of the smell of cut grass, blossom, and BBQ – it’s wonderful. This morning I set off for a gorgeous walk into town armed with a journal, pen and my new book on a quest for Coffee, Sunshine and New Ideas. Change of seasons always bring a new aesthetic to Instagram, we move from hot chocolates and fireplaces … Continue reading ARROW • PEN • COFFEE • FRIEND [what I’m all about]


Going Back to Where I Started Recently I have had a phase of forgetting where I have put my hairbrush. Honestly, you’d think it wasn’t too difficult to remember but it keeps happening! Nearly always I find myself going back to where I started looking and find it as if it had never been out of view. Last night I found it in my bed … Continue reading THE WALK

Setting My Course

Waking up on purpose. I listened to a chat with Adam Markel and Lisa Nichols the other day.  I love how they spoke goodness over each other and gratitude over each other. I love how they elevated each other above themselves but without it seeming false (probably because it wasn’t!). What if my intention today was to speak goodness and kindness over everyone I meet? … Continue reading Setting My Course