Murder Mystery Party

Hello, So, it’s been a while, I thought maybe I should explain myself, not that I need to justify anything, rather as a document or memory to why there is such a gap. Mostly it’s because I’m in the local pantomime, something had to go to allow for rehearsals and line learning I’ve also been tired, lacklustre maybe. There is a point when I’m tired when I … Continue reading Murder Mystery Party

Joy in the Ordinary

What has shaped you? Last weekend 3.26 I boarded the train, left the snow in Faversham and was whisked away to the north of England. My time whilst at Kent Uni (2001-2004) shaped me. It taught me how to make snakebite, how to successfully chill milk without a fridge and more importantly, it taught me a lot about friendships. (for more about my time at UKC see this … Continue reading Joy in the Ordinary