She looks around the room, everything is a mess and the to-do list still has empty boxes waiting for their tick. “Is this worth the time? I have so much to get done.” She takes a peek at her app, today’s reading, a quick scan. This doesn’t feel right, it’s like popping my head around…

Faith & Creative Writing

As part of a series on creativity in our church. I was asked to speak on using creative writing in worship. I opened with this spoken word. Good morning, today I have been asked to speak on using words creatively to worship. There is so much I want to say which I won’t; so I…

Actually, I Can

Have I got my tickets, my passport, my money my phone… these aren’t the only words that can run on a cycle through our mind. Daily, thoughts about ourselves enter our mind. Some are positive, but the ones that seem to stick like a broken record are the negative ones.


Humanity has an endless pursuit, a search for answers to questions: who am I, why am I here, do I have a purpose, do I belong, do I matter? We want to feel that we belong, yet we feel often as if we don’t. We compare ourselves to others, we try and be the same, so we fit. So we belong

The Unstoppable Church

I was asked to speak on acts 17:10-15 at Beacon Church, Herne Bay. If you would like to hear it you can click here 


Once a term I am asked into a secondary school to take a whole school assembly. This week’s theme was about perseverance. So here is what I wrote – I never quite say it word for word though! When I was a child we often went swimming on a Saturday morning.  At the end of the…

Removing Strongholds

A physical stronghold is a place that an army would run to during warfare. It was a place to make them strong again, a fortress. A hiding place of safety.

When I speak of a stronghold I am speaking of just that. A place we run to for comfort, but not the physical ones of this world Where do you run?


ASSEMBLY I often like to think about food; I am a self-confessed foodie! Therefore it didn’t surprise me that when looking at this verse I began thinking about a story containing food. It made me think about a something you may know as “The feeding of the 5000”. The crowds followed Jesus out onto the…


It’s bank holiday Monday, so I’ve uploaded the last of this particular series – pre written. It’s on love, and it happens to be an assembly that I was asked to write for the end of last term. I am a true believer in digging for gold, and I believe that a group of women…

Aim High Assembly

This weeks post is my assembly from this morning! This is only a rough draft of what I said because I never keep to script! This September I decided to set myself two challenges; one was to watch the full series of Gotham, and one was to be more courageous. I thought one might inspire…