The evening before as I began to get pre-holiday joy, I concocted a rather marvellous (well I thought so) and yet awfully risky plan! I remembered the holidays of old, where I would sit in the front seat of dads old Ford Avenger reading off directions to him from a piece of paper he’d tacked to the dashboard. This memory evoked such a nostalgia in me that I decided I’d start my digital detox from the moment I left the house! Continue reading REASONS TO DRIVE WITHOUT A SATNAV

8 ways to a stress-free holiday

When it comes to going away, the one thing I hate is feeling anxious and flustered by airport rigmarole. This year I felt hyper aware of this as I began to plan to fly over to Paphos by myself for a friends wedding! I had booked myself an early flight, eager to soak in as much sunshine as possible but this was worrying me. I am not … Continue reading 8 ways to a stress-free holiday

Hipster [NYC 7]

Hipster: A mutating, Transatlantic Melting Pot of Styles Taste and Behaviour Today we moved venues and found ourselves down in Lower East Side. I really like this area, though the area seems to be a blend of hipster, low economy and Chinatown. Very different to Central Manhatten, much slower pace of life, a melting pot of Styles Tastes and Behaviour, somewhere I like. The apartment … Continue reading Hipster [NYC 7]