Something from Nothing

Back in August, I had my first Oak hall experience. If you haven’t read it yet, then pop over to The Lake to find out more about the wonders of Umbria, Italy and group holidaying! What make Oak Hall specialised is that it is a Christian run holiday company. For me, that was the attraction, being together in beautiful Italy and having intentional opportunities to … Continue reading Something from Nothing


The evening before as I began to get pre-holiday joy, I concocted a rather marvellous (well I thought so) and yet awfully risky plan! I remembered the holidays of old, where I would sit in the front seat of dads old Ford Avenger reading off directions to him from a piece of paper he’d tacked to the dashboard. This memory evoked such a nostalgia in me that I decided I’d start my digital detox from the moment I left the house! Continue reading REASONS TO DRIVE WITHOUT A SATNAV

8 ways to a stress-free holiday

When it comes to going away, the one thing I hate is feeling anxious and flustered by airport rigmarole. This year I felt hyper aware of this as I began to plan to fly over to Paphos by myself for a friends wedding! I had booked myself an early flight, eager to soak in as much sunshine as possible but this was worrying me. I am not … Continue reading 8 ways to a stress-free holiday