What to do when it rains

September has finally arrived, bags are being packed and new wardrobes unveiled as Autumn slides into view. Much as I like the colour palette that will begin to shade the countryside, I am not ready for the darker evenings and cooler weather. It has been a funny old summer too, days have started out promising and ended with torrents of rain, or started out grey and ended with … Continue reading What to do when it rains


This June work took over everything! Whilst I was loving everything I was doing, I was taking the lessons from last month and taking the time to self-care.This month I have one favourite and that was the Summer photography walk with loveyourcamera.co.uk As before, we started out at Grain Store Studio but this time having walked through the field of grapes we headed right towards a stile. Walking … Continue reading June

5. New paths [Dover to Deal Walk]

Have you ever gone somewhere familiar and then not known or remembered the journey you had just taken? Often we slip into autopilot when in known settings, we just arrive at work or a friends house not having taken in the journey. I’ve even walked to a wrong venue because I began the walk on a familiar route. Do we do the same with our thinking? … Continue reading 5. New paths [Dover to Deal Walk]