All Change

I am not very good at making decisions. Just to let you know, the name of my blog is going to change next week. Yet what I usually find, is I return often to my first thought. I just needed to explore all the other avenue to make sure! The name of my blog is…


What have you loved in April?

A little window into my life and my loves!


The March Hare has taken over! This is one of my favourite months because it contains the celebration of my birth! Well done baby Lou – for once you were not later – you were early and girl you made an entrance! Tuesday’s child is full of grace, and this has been a month where grace…


Going Back to Where I Started Recently I have had a phase of forgetting where I have put my hairbrush. Honestly, you’d think it wasn’t too difficult to remember but it keeps happening! Nearly always I find myself going back to where I started looking and find it as if it had never been out…


It seems that slightly sceptically and with a tiny wobble, I have jumped onto the bandwagon that is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”! All this came at a time, where I felt I needed a good audit of myself. I found like my possessions I was able to ask myself – does this belief or life event spark joy in me anymore?

The Unstoppable Church

I was asked to speak on acts 17:10-15 at Beacon Church, Herne Bay. If you would like to hear it you can click here 


I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to self-care ideas, I have looked up countless pages. Yet many of the ideas I find, come from a place of introversion or being alone. I am an extrovert.


Mid-January, and I’m wandering around Liverpool Street, on a break from XLM-training, looking for a place to eat lunch. With all the information of the morning, and the day before buzzing round my head, I knew I needed one thing: an indulgent burger! Instagram found me the answer, and I came across possibly, the best burger…


Who are you listening to? I’m having one of those days, where every sound is annoying me. It is very rare this happens, usually, I want background music on or some sort of sound. Today what I want to hear is nothing… even then, my thoughts prevail Who are you listening to? I have this…


I love February, short and sweet and full of little celebration days to get you through the grey of winter! Yes, it’s back to that time again. What are my #LouLoves this month? BLOOD ORANGES I should be honest here; not only had I forgotten about my love for this fruit, I may have removed…


Identity propels purpose, but what if our identity is skewed? Are there roadblocks to us living in the fullness of who we could truly be? 


Identity propels our purpose. Who we think we are affects, what we give ourselves to doing