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The New York Diaries (2015)

I whisked myself away to NYC in March 2015. These are the stories I found there!

The Fearless Adventure

WHAT IF….A group of women lived in the fullness they have received rather than in fear of what they may loose. This is the Fear Less Adventure.

The Unlocking Series

For a while, I’ve been inspired when I haven’t got time to write and then sit at the desk and can’t do it. Yesterday I realised this, what I want to write is to do with LIES. They are all about me telling you about lies I have believed and am battling. They are about freedom, unlocking truth in me and in whoever reads them.

Here is to the unlocking

Blogmas 2016

Twenty-four posts during advent

Route to a Successful Sabbatical (2016)

In 2016 I took a work sabbatical, here’s how I did it!

Living with Purpose – Inspired by Identity (2017)

Identity propels our purpose. Who we think we are affects, what we give ourselves to doing.