Hopes & Fears

This evening, I shall be starting my present wrapping! I love this part of Christmas, remembering what I bought and disguising it with brown paper and ribbon. Earlier today I published a post for my work youth devotional blog on the subject of advent and waiting with hope. Which leads me to my thoughts today…


  It is meant to be Spring here in the UK. Yet although the sun shone beautifully all day, I have returned home┬árain, cold, and scouring for cheap flights out of here!! Seasons have always interested me. I love each of them for different reasons, though there are also parts of every season I dislike….


Identity propels our purpose. Who we think we are affects, what we give ourselves to doing

Land of broken dreams [NYC 2]

We took a boat tour to Staton Island today. Our tour guide Joey spoke about how the immigrants had come to Ellis Island, full of hope but for some, it became a place of broken dreams. during the day, I stumbled across The Julliard School. It made me think of my dreams when I was…

Happy New Year 2014

A couple of days ago, I read through my 2013 diary. As I started to read the dreams and goals I set myself I was disheartened, believing them to have been made in vain and not to be anywhere near the attainment of them. But I began the journey through the months and patterns, and…