The evening before as I began to get pre-holiday joy, I concocted a rather marvellous (well I thought so) and yet awfully risky plan! I remembered the holidays of old, where I would sit in the front seat of dads old Ford Avenger reading off directions to him from a piece of paper he’d tacked to the dashboard. This memory evoked such a nostalgia in me that I decided I’d start my digital detox from the moment I left the house! Continue reading REASONS TO DRIVE WITHOUT A SATNAV

7. Digital Detox

This last week has been a rollercoaster of thoughts It started I think because I realised how close I am coming to the end of this sabbatical. Take a pre-holiday blues, with an acknowledgement of how grateful I have been for being given time off. Stir in a thought of underachievement, a disappointing but money-saving shopping trip, lots of paint and even more singing. Garnish … Continue reading 7. Digital Detox