Finding Me 

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the motivation to write anything. I think every blogger I know goes through these times, not all of us know why. This weekend I have had some time away from home and I think that helps. Not that I don’t love my home – I do; just sometimes you need…

How to get out of a mind funk 

Today it rained, its been sunny for days … and now this… And to be honest all I wasn’t to do is stay in bed and pretend today is not happening but I have a job, I have friends to see. Staying in bed is not the answer. Emotionally we can have days like this….


  It is meant to be Spring here in the UK. Yet although the sun shone beautifully all day, I have returned home rain, cold, and scouring for cheap flights out of here!! Seasons have always interested me. I love each of them for different reasons, though there are also parts of every season I dislike….


It seems that slightly sceptically and with a tiny wobble, I have jumped onto the bandwagon that is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”! All this came at a time, where I felt I needed a good audit of myself. I found like my possessions I was able to ask myself – does this belief or life event spark joy in me anymore?

Lessons From My Sabbatical

Tweet ThisI am in my second week back at work, and I keep being asked: How do you feel? Having taken time off, I think people thought I have become some sort of superwoman! That’s not what the time was about! it was about space to breathe and do some of the things I don’t…

8. End with Celebration

I’ve never liked Parma Violets, they were the sweets that always disappointed me if they turned up in our sweetie tin! Yet here I am, sat on Kato Paphos beach with what can only be described as liquid Parma Violets (ok so its lavender iced tea) and I like it, a lot. There have been a…

6. Choosing Mindsets

I must lay down the need to be perfect, the need to hide weakness, the pride of life. I must embrace growth and change and learning and celebrate the journey it takes me on.

5. New paths [Dover to Deal Walk]

Have you ever gone somewhere familiar and then not known or remembered the journey you had just taken? Often we slip into autopilot when in known settings, we just arrive at work or a friends house not having taken in the journey. I’ve even walked to a wrong venue because I began the walk on a…

the path that was not there

[Saturday Morning] I decided to go for a walk. I made plans, got the dog* ready, strapped up my boots and set off. I had looked up a walk and set it to memory (and took a screenshot just in case!) and for the first 20 minutes we were fine; I passed a point that I thought…