Write what you can

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post around my word for 2019 which is to Deepen. Reading back through it even today, I can see where I am beginning to see fruit and also where I am needing to intentionally push down even more. What has helped has been to set aside time on…

Year 11

Today I woke up remebering a today from the past. Waking up and realising my whole life had just turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same. And you said “take courage” and I did. Yet I didn’t realise that courage doesn’t always take the form of a lion; boldness not always identified…

The lake

I didn’t think I would be inspired again, but then you led me to the lake. Sometimes you make decisions when you are overtired, feeling lonely and unable to sleep and you wish you’d stayed away from your purse, cupboards, screens. Other times, you make a decision that stays with you till morning and walks…

A History of My Obsession With Words

My obsession with words
Came alive with a door
I remember as a child
No older than four
That door
Connecting me to our kitchen
Adorned with postcards
Connecting me to my father’s heart

Nothing is Ordinary

Focus February Update: well I’ve managed to get one big job done! The doors in my house are now all finally painted. Money wise I’ve noted it’s when I’m tired that the ‘extra’ bits find their way into my shopping bag. I’ve realised I’ve spent about £10 extra this month on food I dont really…

Today I am…

Creative Writing: Today I am
Mildly excited
And aware the caffeine has not yet
made its way to my mind


There are times when our knowledge of what is true and our experiences seem to match up. Then there are times where they don’t, yet we have faith in the unseen. Then days, weeks, months arrive when what we know to be true seems vastly different to the lens we perceive the world through. Sometimes we can…


A chilled out spa day begets creativity… Joe Crestfallen Her words tumble out Like awkward rain showers on a summers day Unwanted, unprepared “Pregnant” Her words to him Burning through and Under his skin It takes two Yet she says just The One Humiliated It’s what she deserves This culture is brutal Her sins shall…


Today I sang Twice You loved singing I miss your song I miss you How your eyes danced when you smile I hear your laugh As if you were next to me now How you continually invited me And made time to meet How you permeated life with song And won the spotlight So easily…