7. Digital Detox

This last week has been a rollercoaster of thoughts It started I think because I realised how close I am coming to the end of this sabbatical. Take a pre-holiday blues, with an acknowledgement of how grateful I have been for being given time off. Stir in a thought of underachievement, a disappointing but money-saving shopping trip, lots of paint and even more singing. Garnish … Continue reading 7. Digital Detox

5. New paths [Dover to Deal Walk]

Have you ever gone somewhere familiar and then not known or remembered the journey you had just taken? Often we slip into autopilot when in known settings, we just arrive at work or a friends house not having taken in the journey. I’ve even walked to a wrong venue because I began the walk on a familiar route. Do we do the same with our thinking? … Continue reading 5. New paths [Dover to Deal Walk]

4. Find Your Tribe

When I started out on this sabbatical I outlined four themes that I felt impressed on my heart. That this time would be about: connecting with God learning more about myself resting and making my home restful to develop healthy routine In week four this happened, but it happened through connecting with different amazing women throughout my week. I was thinking about the dream I have … Continue reading 4. Find Your Tribe