The lake

I didn’t think I would be inspired again, but then you led me to the lake. Sometimes you make decisions when you are overtired, feeling lonely and unable to sleep and you wish you’d stayed away from your purse, cupboards, screens. Other times, you make a decision that stays with you till morning and walks…

Faith & Creative Writing

As part of a series on creativity in our church. I was asked to speak on using creative writing in worship. I opened with this spoken word. Good morning, today I have been asked to speak on using words creatively to worship. There is so much I want to say which I won’t; so I…

A History of My Obsession With Words

My obsession with words
Came alive with a door
I remember as a child
No older than four
That door
Connecting me to our kitchen
Adorned with postcards
Connecting me to my father’s heart


There are times when our knowledge of what is true and our experiences seem to match up. Then there are times where they don’t, yet we have faith in the unseen. Then days, weeks, months arrive when what we know to be true seems vastly different to the lens we perceive the world through. Sometimes we can…


[Spoken Word] I wrote a few years ago but still hold true now. So I’m running this race. And these things keep weighing me down I need to fix my eyes on the prize Don’t let the lies with their tries, Scupper me I will not believe I will not let it drag me down…