Fighting Shame

I have lived with shame, it was my keeper, my jailor. It had and still can have the power to silence me, it locks me down, it lies to me. Yet shame also knows it has an adversary in me.


We live in a world where right now there is a lot to feel worried about. Added to this I live in a place where much of my future is uncertain. I could choose to worry, to overanalyze every situation and possibility to make me feel safe. The antidote to fear is not found in worrying.


I wanted to write something else tonight, but the words never came Since this one has not been able to write itself for a while, I allowed what flowed out. Truth is, I don’t know if I wanted to write this, for all the reasons that I mentioned in Taboo I didn’t want to write…

Silenced by fear

I was challenged recently to be silent – that is where today’s inspiration comes from but not the message that has transpired! It just got me thinking about silence. People who know me, know that I am an external processor and I think constantly and my brain fills up quickly and when I’m around people,…

Who do you think you are?

“on whose authority do you make this claim. Who are you giving a higher authority to over me!”

I realised what the girls say is true, it does matter who says these words. But it is deeper than that, it is about how much authority I allow that word or voice.


The kind of fear and insecurities that these teenage girls talk about have much to do with what we place our hope and value in. If that ‘thing’ fails us, waivers or is unreachable, then we feel insecure and that will manipulate our response to life.


I was once told that these three Ps form the best lies. They are the sentences we say flippantly but which give a clue to the deeper lies that we live with.


Let us not be people who cast shame on others, but let release people from shame, let us grow together in not hiding ourselves away, let us encourage each other to shine.


You have a fascination with keys not because of them as such but because they unlock something. You have authority to unlock the kingdom in situations. You are an unlocker, you have authority and victory to do this.”