Rubiks Cube

“my brain is the sort that at the mention of an idea, an event, or a problem; creates a thousand possibilities in a moment. Yet it is too fearful to pick even one and so I waver” Recently I was talking to a friend, another creative, who is often able to see what I am…


The evening before as I began to get pre-holiday joy, I concocted a rather marvellous (well I thought so) and yet awfully risky plan! I remembered the holidays of old, where I would sit in the front seat of dads old Ford Avenger reading off directions to him from a piece of paper he’d tacked to the dashboard. This memory evoked such a nostalgia in me that I decided I’d start my digital detox from the moment I left the house!


We live in a world where right now there is a lot to feel worried about. Added to this I live in a place where much of my future is uncertain. I could choose to worry, to overanalyze every situation and possibility to make me feel safe. The antidote to fear is not found in worrying.